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Basement Water Proofing and Water Resistant Coatings

The foundation/basement of your house supports your biggest investment!

Virtually all epoxies on the market are general purpose, solvent based and porous—Armor Guard is not.

Armor Guard basement systems, developed by Oceanearing Research & Development, are the most advanced coating systems available. Armor Guard is the result of years of testing in the field as well as in the laboratory. Our basement coatings are state-of-the-art, designed after our pool and tank coatings and proven world wide. With our basement water proofing system, you no longer need to worry about water penetration.

Armor Guard is applied on the inside walls and floors and doesn’t require digging up the outside to install. Armor Guard insulates the basement, keeping your home from losing needed heat. It also seals and saturates the concrete, providing superior strength. Along with superior strength, Armor Guard offers prime coats that are flexible, allowing for movement of the foundation. Most foundations do move and can cause cracking; Armor Guard can reduce the risk of cracking.

Armor Guard is a titanium reinforced thermosetting, cross linking, epoxy polymer resin that exhibits virtually no odor. And being non-porous, radon has less opportunity to penetrate. Armor Guard can be applied by itself or in conjunction with one or more of the many fiberglass mats available. Carbon fiber, Aramid and Kevlar mats are also available.

All basements are different, so the warranty is determined by what materials are applied. Some basements have a lot of fixtures and some areas are hard to reach and can be difficult to make completely water tight.

Armor Guard’s special primers are low viscosity, moisture tolerant, flexible sealers that bond tenaciously to virtually anything, bridging gaps and sealing cracks. When applied with the fiberglass mat systems, unsurpassed strength can be achieved—up to 50,000 PSI!

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